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Big Huge Sale at The Knot Wedding Store


I love a sale.  Especially an online sale.  For some reason I can just whip out my PayPal account information and I feel like I am back in 1989 playing my favorite game of Mall Madness…buying up stuff virtually and only now a week later it shows up on my door.  My favorite part of the game was when the little electronic man would randomly alert that “There is a sale at the LINENS store”.  A sale?!  Just for me?!  On linens?!  Keep in mind that at 8 years old I had NO idea what linens were.

Well guess what ladies (and dudes) today..just for you..”There is a sale at THE KNOT WEDDING Shop”.  Woot, woot!  Only this sale is real..and it has lots of stuff that you can use for your wedding because your wedding totally needs a lot of stuff.  Have you heard that weddings are expensive?

The Knot Wedding Shop 3 day sale started yesterday and will last until tomorrow June 15th Friday, June 17. Prices are are up to 75% on pretty much everything you can imagine and this is the biggest sale that they will have this year.  So if your wedding is next week or next year go ahead get your sale on.

I spied a few little beauties that I thought were simply amazing..like this Satin Finish Cake Knife and Server Set.  You can get them personalized for a sweet touch.  Just a fun fact, I bought my wedding knife and server set from The Knot and they are still in great condition five years later.  You can check them out here.

Or how about the matching Satin Finish Toasting Flutes

Or what about this adorable Love Birds Cake Topper

And since I cannot stop online shopping how about one more?  How about these adorable Elephant Place Card Holders??  Think of not just the adorableness of them BUT think about the fact that you could walk around your wedding saying “Oh gosh, there is an elephant in the room” and no one would know what you were talking about and people would start gossiping and wonder who did something naughty.  It is a wedding after all.

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