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Yellow Submarine Wedding Cake

Yellow Submarine Wedding Cake

And we live
A life of ease.
Everyone of us
Has all we need

Sigh.  Love LOVE The Beatles.  Always have, always will.  And what better homage to their idealistic work, than to immortalize their songs in your wedding cake?

So, I adore Yellow Submarine.  You can totally catch me bobbing my head back and forth, driving my Honda, and singing along.  And I think you do, too, and that is why I had to show you this cake.  Originally, it was posted on Flickr, but I came to it through Pinterest.  The photographer actually snapped a picture of it at a bridal show, so sadly, we don’t know who made it, only that it was in the vicinity of Austin, Texas.  If you know, please share!

But back to this righteous cake.  Trippy rainbows, larger-than-life fish, the Fab Four in fondant, and, of course, a yellow submarine crowning it all.  Hands down…Grooviest.  Cake.  Evah.  Peace, y’all.


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