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Blue and Red Wedding Cake

blue and red cake

I’m not sure how I feel about today’s featured wedding cake.

There’s almost too much going on for one cake. I love the light blue icing and the sprinkle layers. I also love the deep red ribbons between tiers.

But the red flowers with peppermint candy centers? Those are pretty too. But put together – it just seems so busy at first glance.

However, in defense of the cake, I do like it. I’m just not sure it would work for many people. I think it would be lovely at a winter or holiday wedding.

Remove the peppermint candies and you could almost have it at a Fourth of July wedding. It is red and blue, after all.

I think I’d remove the flowers completely and go with the light blue cake with sprinkles and red ribbons. That would be a perfectly unique and lovely wedding cake.

What do you think?

You’ll find this cake here.

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