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Fruit Cake..but not that holiday kind..

fruit cake

Fruit Cake. Every holiday season without fail someone..ALWAYS gives me a fruit cake. I give it to my dog. If fruit cake isn’t good enough for William and Kate..well then it is not good enough for me!
I have been staring at this photo on Flickr for months..a delicious concoction of fruit, cream and cake..yum yum! Sonja and Roberto…Christen approves of your cake that consists of mostly strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.
This three tiered round cake is topped with berries and the inside you can see gorgeous, gorgeous strawberries (I am so ready for good strawberries..these puny things in the grocery store just aren’t cutting it!) The center is a thick cream. I just want to get my plate and cut myself a HUGE piece of this one. It’s mostly fruit..so I can eat three times as much right?

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