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Chinese Takeout Wedding Cake

Chinese Takeout Wedding Cake

Omistars in Heaven Above.  (Haven’t started out that way for a bit 😉  )

So, how fabulous is this positively adorable cake depicting a yummy-looking stack of Chinese takeout?  Would you not LOVE to know this story?  I shall imagine one for us.

The couple met and fell in love, and soon discovered they also shared a passion for noodles.


The couple met when he delivered the noodles to the wrong door.


Well, whatever the story, it’s fantastically detailed and meticulously executed.  I mean, perfect, y’all.  There’s nothing worse than a cake that’s supposed to look like something else, and it misses the mark entirely.  This is not a cake such as that.

If you hanker for a Chinese lo mein takeout wedding cake, replete with gold dragons and fortune cookies – fortune cookies! –  check out Jacques Fine Pastries in New Hampshire, and prepare to be impressed.


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