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Hostess Cupcake Groom’s Cake

Chocolate Hostess Cupcake Groom's CAke

What is with me and chocolate lately? Wait. Could there BE a dumber question?  Eh.  It is what it is.  And…what it is…is another chocolate cake from Brooke. 😉

But look at it, will ya?  Like I could resist!  It’s a giant Hostess cupcake, perched upon the top of what we suspect is the groom’s cake for a lovely summer celebration.  And it’s perfectly executed and instantly recognizable.

Okay, so…confession.  I was never really allowed to have these as a kid, and I wouldn’t let my children touch Hostess products with a ten-foot pole, so they would have no idea what this is (other than a yummy giant chocolate cupcake, and really, isn’t that enough?)  But to my generation, this is instantly recognizable and completely adorable.  Decadent in its size, comforting in its appearance.  And I guarantee, much more delicious than the original.  I wonder if it’s filled?  Surely!

This adorable cake was made by The Hudson Cakery.


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