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Action Cake

We all have them..jobs. Regardless if you are a lawyer, teacher, or blogger…the same thing is true..if you LOVE your job..you sort of become your job. So what is a fun loving movie advertising couple who also happens to love action flicks to do? Well..make an action packed cake that is!

This couple decided their wedding needed a little bit of extra Hollywood flare so they spiced it up by created a movie poster to announce their wedding, made a movie trailer and had an action themed wedding cake. Too flipping cute! This cake is packed with stunt men equipped with guns and dynamite, a crashed plane, a collapsing top tier and oh yes..a fire. My favorite part is how the stunt men on the bottom tier is covered in just a smidgen of icing. This cake was made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes in Redmond, Wa.

You can read all about this wedding on the groom’s blog..you can see the movie poster and the trailer there as well. Love!

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