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Cake Topper Friday: Mission Impossible Wedding Cake Topper

Mission Impossible

Well.  We’ve almost been around this corner of the interwebs for almost a year…it’s about time I posted a picture of a cake topper with guns don’t you think?

Why not?  I’m not an action flick kind of girl.  However, I can get down with an appreciation for a genre.  Especially when there is a story involved.  Apparently the bride and groom whom this cake topper belonged to planned and executed their wedding within 5 months.  Thereby making it their Mission: Possible.  That’s pretty hardcore considering mine took 16 months to plan and I still felt stressed about the entire thing.

What do you think?  Do you love the Mission: Impossible themed wedding cake topper?  Or does it remind you a bit too much of that Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie?  Are you too much on “Team Jenn” to like this topper?  Does anyone really care anymore?  Because I think Jennifer Aniston is doing just fine.

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