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Pretty. Just a Pretty Cake.

pretty cake

I’m going to give you a second to take in all the awesomeness that this cake is serving…………

Ok, you done?

I found this cake on Pinterest about a month ago.  I think my friend Carla said it best when she commented on the link saying, “Wow, as much as I love cake I just think I would have to sit and look at it”.

She took the words right out of my mouth.  This cake is just pretty.  There is no other word for it.  It’s impeccably decorated with vibrant colors covering the fondant.  I believe that I spy with my little eye some paisley on the bottom tier.  I adore paisley and I don’t think it’s utilized enough in life.  All the intricate designs on this cake pretty much blow my mind.  How did they do that??  This cake is such a work of art.  I really couldn’t eat it.  It’s hard to tell in the picture but I believe the tiers are stacked at an angle.  I like this because it’s a fresh take on a traditional design but then punched up with a ton of color.  This cake was made by Sugar Craft Inc. in Ohio.

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