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Cupcake Bars


Oh yes.

Most of my friends know by now that I have a vested interest in all things wedding cake. It’s not unusual to get a phone call or two from one of my bride-to-be friends asking questions about wedding cakes. The other day I had such a phone call. One of my good friends has a little sister that is getting married. My friend called me up last week and said, “Christen..what do you know about cupcake bars?”


I knew nothing about cupcake bars. Visions of happiness danced through my head. Have they ditched this whole “alcohol only” in bars and have now added cupcakes? Yes, I will take my white wine spritzer with a strawberry cupcake with vanilla frosting thankyouverymuch! Or, are these the new hot spots? Dressed in your best for a night on the town with the girls to hit up your favorite Cupcakery?

Pretty soon my friend burst my chocolate flavored bubble and told me that they had recently been to a wedding where instead of a traditional wedding cake or cupcake tower the bride and groom had selected a make your own cupcake bar. The cupcakes were baked and iced and set on a traditional cupcake stand but then the guest had their selection of sprinkles and other toppings to decorate their cupcakes with. For a minute this all sounded very 8 year old birthday party to me until I did a little bit of research. And, what I found knocked my elegant socks off.

Check out this gorgeous cupcake bar featured on Green Wedding Shoes. The guest could fill their cupcakes with fruit and flavored syrup. That’s a far shake from what my vision of chocolate frosted cupcakes with colored sprinkles and gummy worms.

Or, this elegant cupcake bar featured on The Wedding Bee that includes icing your own cake and topping it with just about any topping imaginable. The dudes in white chef’s hats pretty much take this from “birthday party” to “wedding classy”.

Personally the option of giving guest the choice at a wedding reception is a fantastic idea. You can leave the cupcakes as is and have an attendant at the reception ice the cupcakes in the guest desired flavor. Or, you can go a simpler route and pick your favorite flavors and have them iced before arriving at the reception and just allow your guest the option to add different toppings such as sprinkles, fruit, chocolate shavings or even fruit syrup. Yum. The possibilities are endless and you can make them as casual or as classy as you’d like.

Cupcake Bars may take awhile to emerge as popular but listen to Christen. I am seeing this as a new trend for 2012.

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