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Sage, Chocolate Brown, and Cream Color Cupcake Heaven

sage and brown

I think I have expressed once, or twice…or perhaps even three times my love for cupcakes.  Apparently, this cupcake combo comes with a back story.  The cupcake stand was lost en route to the wedding venue so the baker improvised and turned wine glasses upside down and placed a plate on top of them.  To tell you the truth..I kind of think it’s classy.

The best part..please listen to the flavors of these bad boys:

  • coconut cupcakes with cream cheese icing
  • vanilla cupcakes with apple cider butter cream
  • chocolate cupcakes with fresh mint butter cream (hello…can we say THIN MINTS!?!?)

Oh my goodness…why have I never tried apple cider butter cream?!  How has this not happened??  Putting it on the “to-do” list.

I love the green, white, and brown color combination.  The baker also coordinated a gorgeous six-inch chocolate mud cutting cake, filled with a layer of thick, decadent chocolate buttercream, tucked neatly beneath a blanket of fondant, and decorated demurely with branches and leaves in stark contrast to the richness that lurks below the surface.  These mouthwatering cake and cupcakes were made by Montreal’s Clever Cupcakes.

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