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Aqua and White Marbleized White Chocolate Wedding Cake

aqua marbelized white chocolate cake

I love showing you something a little funky and off the beaten, trendy wedding path from time to time.  This beautiful cake is neither buttercream nor fondant (although we suspect that buttercream is the glue beneath the surface.)  The decoration here is chocolate, believe it or not!  The stunning marbleized effect is achieved by using transfer sheets with edible dye.  The chocolatier spreads tempered chocolate over the acetate sheets, and as it cools to a hardened (though still malleable) state, the cake is wrapped with the sheetsof chocolate for this incredible effect.

I love the designs that a cake artist can execute with this technique, and it’s so unusual; you won’t see a lot of cakes like this.  I also love how beautiful and shiny tempered chocolate becomes; it truly is remarkable.  So, if you’re looking for something unique, you may want to ask about chocolate transfers.  American Chocolate Designs from Atlanta, Georgia, does exceptional work.


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