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Bride and Groom Truffle Cupcakes

chocolate truffle wedding cupcakes

What could possibly be better than bride and groom cupcakes?  Why, bride and groom cupcakes topped with TRUFFLES, of course!

This pic is equal parts “Duh, why didn’t I think of that?” and “AWESOMENESS!”  Beautiful his and hers cupcakes, each topped with a rich chocolate truffle.  How fun and simple and delicious.

This would make such an awesome DIY project for the crafty baker.  There are few things more SQUEEEEEE!-worthy than cupcakes and truffles, and both are SCANDALOUSLY easy to make yourself!  And as for fancy decorating?  Take it from me: those sprinkles can cover a multitude of sins.

My only problem would be NOT stealing my groom’s chocolate-chocolate truffle and leaving him my white chocolate one in return.  Anyone?  Anyone?


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