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Wedding Cake with Zinnias

zinnia cake

Sometimes a simple wedding cake is exactly what a bride wants for her summer wedding.

Maybe you don’t want all the frills and tiers. Maybe you just want something simple and pretty.

And maybe you even want a DIY cake.

If that description sounds like you, then we have found your cake!

This homemade (as in, made at your home!) white wedding cake is a lovely three-tier cake with zinnias and ivy.

Of course you could always find a baker to make your cake -after all you do have other things to focus on – but either way we love this wedding cake because it’s no fuss. And the tree stump cake stand? It’s so perfect.

The zinnias could be from your own garden too – if you’re a multi-tasker like that. Or you could choose another summery flower, perhaps something that matches your bouquet. Add the cascading ivy and you have a picture perfect cake for your picture perfect day.

You can find this gorgeous DIY cake here. Photography by SOSAC Photography.

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