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Cupcakes and a Wedding Cake

cakes and cupcakes

Cupcakes are still all the rage when it comes to wedding receptions and I’m OK with that, since I love a good cupcake (or two).

But serving cupcakes in place of a traditional wedding cake leaves one small problem – how are the bride and groom supposed to cut the cake? You can’t really cut a cupcake and have it be the same.

Which is why I love this cake-and-cupcake idea! You can have your cake (and cupcakes) and eat it too.

The happy couple can pick out a small cake in their favorite flavor and it gets top billing on a tiered cupcake stand. I also love the adorable banner that adorns the top of the cake. Very shabby chic.

Then the guests can nosh on some delectable cupcakes in different flavors. No mess, no fuss, no cutting hundreds of slices of cake. It’s like a grab-and-go dessert table.

We found this super fun non-traditional idea here. And it was created by Sweet n’ Flour.

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