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Wedding Cake and Cupcakes

cake and cupcake3

I love the idea of serving cupcakes at a wedding reception.

They’re fun and functional. And everyone loves cupcakes!

But what if you want to serve cupcakes but still have a traditional wedding cake to cut too? Simple – serve both!

This is a fun concept – have a small, one tier wedding cake as the “main” cake – basically for the couple to cut – and then surround it by gorgeous cupcakes.

You can have your cake and eat cupcakes too!

The cupcakes can be assorted flavors – maybe themed to the season (red velvet, spice cake, strawberry). And for an added touch of fun, make sure you have enough so that guests can take one home too. Order some cute Chinese take-out boxes for the cupcakes.

You can check out this fun cake and cupcake idea here.


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