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BHLDN Store Opening


Every fashionista with a job has either been in or virtually shopped at an Anthropologie…right?  If you haven’t just go ahead and click that link..and see how your brain explodes.  But before you click…be warned:  Anthropologie is a sickness.  Once you discover it you will find yourself with a virtual shopping cart filled with ridiculous things like porcelain egg crates for twenty dollars that you are SO convinced that you need because it just looks SO gorgeous in the picture.  Then it gets to your house and it’s an egg crate..made of glass and you think “what the crap am I going to do with that?  I don’t even buy eggs”.  So there.  I’ve established my warning.  Shop at your own risk.

Did you know that Anthropologie branched out and has created a sister store called BHLDN.  Luckily I can keep my debit card in check as this store features gorgeous vintage-style wedding attire.  They have a little bit of everything, from wedding accessories such as shoes (oh the shoes) and necklaces, to wedding reception goodies, like napkins and vintage-style coasters…and who can forget the gorgeous, gorgeous dresses?  The one I featured above happens to be the Windswept gown and if I were getting married I would find some way to make that dress ALL mine!

As you can see, BHLDN has an incredible online store.  However, if you are a wee bit nervous about dropping a sizeable chunk of change over the interwebs, you can visit their new store that is opening one week from today on August 18th at the Highland Village Center in Houston, Texas.  If you’re lucky enough to go, be sure to write me a full report!  I’m dying to see what this place is like!

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