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Kate and William: The Royal Wedding

Charles and Di

I have a secret to admit.
I am obsessed with the upcoming royal wedding for a lot of reasons. I love Kate Middleton..as her doppelganger (albeit she is way skinnier and much better dressed than I..but that Doppelganger week on Facebook I was totally her..) Mostly I am obsessed because I know that this wedding is going to set the tone for so many weddings in the next few years. Every girl dreams of being a princess on her wedding day..but becoming an ACTUAL princess on your wedding day..it kind of takes my breath away.
With all the chatter of the upcoming wedding I wanted to do some research on the LAST big royal wedding. Albeit, I hope that this one works out a little better for everyone involved.
This bad boy is just ONE of twenty-seven cakes that were presented to Prince Charles and Dianna. This cake stood over six feet tall and was the traditional fruit cake. This cake in particular was made by Classic Celebration Cakes in Chesire. You can read more about how the history of this baker and royal weddings right here. They also make some pretty amazing modern cakes as well.
With slices of moldy cake from 1981 selling for over one thousand dollars today you know that Wills and Kate’s cake will be something special. The couple seems to be taking their own course with this wedding so I am anticipating to see what type of cake they choose and if they buck tradition and stray from the traditional fruit cake.

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