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Pink Cupcakes

dual frosting

I often ask myself…”Why do cupcakes only come with one color frosting?”

Okay, I don’t really ask myself that. However, I will from this day forward, after seeing these chocolate cupcakes with multi-colored frosting little beauties. It’s subtle enough that you have to look closely…but do you see that sweet swirl of cream-colored frosting mixed in with all the pinky goodness? How gorgeous (and creative) is that? Pink and cream are only the beginning. Imagine lilac cupcakes with a swirl of white frosting or green frosting with a swirl of pink. Oh my, the possibilities are endless. I have seen the light. Also, that adorable little candy on top, and the edible pearls. Wonderful.

Quick, how many adjectives did I use for the word “pretty” in this blog post?

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  1. Miguela says:

    at the first sentence it seems to look like it was correct but if you prove it there is no sense in this!!

  2. Betty says:

    Forget about pretty, Yummy pink frosting!

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