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Push Pop Cupcakes

push pops

I have a word that I reserve for only special occasions.  In order for me to use such a word the occasion has to be so amazing that no other adjective will do.  Other than…awesomesauce.  Awesomesauce is such a cool word.  Go ahead say it.  You feel great, don’t you?  However, it has ability to become overused and annoying rather quickly (then it would be lamesauce).  So I am careful only to whip it out on special occasions.  Such as this…because:

These push pop cupcakes are awesomesauce!

The unique little snack cakes must have been inspired by those wonderful Flintstone Push Pops we all lurved as kiddoes.  Literally, you push the stick and out comes a layer of frosting, then filling, then cupcake..then more icing! and more filling..and then more cake.  This is my dream-come-true, considering I am the girl who rips the bottom later of cake off the cupcake and then puts it on top of this icing, thus making a cupcake sandwich.  (I’m weird).  This little beauty featured here is Strawberry Rhubarb flavored and is made by the Polka Dot Cupcakery in Ohio.  You can also get Banana Caramel, as well as tons of other flavors.  This particular baker can also make custom labels and I think these would made an adorable wedding favor.  Or heck, you could even do this as your cake!  That way if someone wanted to take theirs home and save it, well, they could.  Oh…and soooo much neater for your littlest guests!

This is the first time I have seen Cupcake Push Pops…and I am in love.

We learned all about the awesomesauce that is Push Pop Cupcakes here.

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