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Naked Wedding Cake

Naked Wedding Cake

Fondant…buttercream…fondant…buttercream…How about neither?

This is a trend that I’ve been seeing more and more of lately, especially for our friends across the pond:  a naked wedding cake.  Well.  Not truly nude.  Normally, these lovely and simple cakes feature a filling of fruit preserve and/or frosting, and a generous dusting of powdered sugar.  In this case, the finished cake also features fresh flowers and fruit.

Some might not like this minimalist approach.  But I say that, where you have a fantastic baker, capable of turning out flawless, moist, delicious, and interesting cake – why not?  Especially in the summer, when we tend to lighten up on desserts a bit, this would be a delicious and appropriate direction to take.  It would be aMAzing served with a simple fruit sorbet, for instance.  And depending on the fruit in season at the time, you could have a lot of fun with garnishes, too.  I’m thinking cherries and apricots…

By the, how much do you LOVE the tent and big green bubble lanterns and chandeliers?

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