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Winter Themed Cake


Okay, here are two things that I am painfully aware of.

1. It is not in any way shape or form winter.

2. I know that this cake is not exactly a wedding cake..but a Nutcracker-themed cake made in celebration of a production of The Nutcracker.

Yet, here I sit, ready to get my Nutcracker on in the middle of September.  Oh well.  Because I adore this-six tiered creation that pays homage to all things Snowflake, Gum Drop, Sugar Plum and oh yes, I believe those are little tiny purple mice.  True story, I was in The Nutcracker in the fourth and fifth grade.  I was a mouse and a dancer in the Sea of Limeade.  I was in the back…hidden behind all the good dancers and people basically just hoped I didn’t knock anyone down.  I didn’t.  At least during the productions anyway.  The rehearsals were a different story altogether.  I could go off on a tangent here about how to people expect a nine year-old to prance around a stage withbright lights shining in her face and wearing a gigantic rat’s tail and a papier mache mask and NOT run into people and cause a pile-up.  But I won’t.

It’s the sweet details that I love about this cake.  From the double-height tier on the fourth tier (which, if you remember, is one of my forecasted trends for 2011), to the crown on the Mouse King’s head, the details send this cake above and beyond.  This would be a great cake for a winter-themed wedding.

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