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And So It Begins: Winter Holiday Wedding Cakes

present wedding cake-001

I figure if the big box stores are already advertising, and I’m already shopping, then it’s okay for me to start the winter holiday/Christmas-inspired cake posting…yes?  I thought you’d agree.

This one had me at Red Ribbon.  Is this not completely, totally, utterly fabulous?  What appears to be a pile of presents is, in fact, a cake.  Or a pile of cakes.  I’m not sure.

At any rate, I totally dig this concept.  Whether these are individual cakes, or one big cake cut and made to look like individual, I don’t know.  But I’m thinkin’ that this is an idea that could yield all KINDS of creative inspiration for a baker, a home cook, or anyone in between.

I found this festive adorableness on Pinterest.  I’d really love your thoughts.  If you were making a cake like this, how would you proceed?  Ooh! – what about lots of different “wrappings” or motifs?  Somebody give me some cake pans.  Brooke has got a project to plan!


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