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Chocolate Lollipop Cake


Oh. my. goodness.

To be fair I had another post planned for today from Maki’s Cakes. While I was scrolling through the Cake Gallery I saw this one…stopped dead in my tracks…fainted, eventually recovered and decided to feature this one instead.

This is a four tiered cake that embraces the square/round combination.  I’m not usually a fan of the some-tiers-square-other-tiers-round kind of thing, but I actually love how the square flanks the bottom tier and the top tiers are round.  Of course, these tiers are covered in gorgeous, delicious-looking chocolate.  However, you and I both know that’s what makes me want to jump up and slap my mother about this cake.  (Note, I would never slap my mother, by the way).  This is a cake…with CAKE POPS.  Why choose just one?  I see this as a new trend…have some cupcakes, have some cake pops on a cake.  I think we have stumbled upon something amazing.

Do you think I am on to something?  Or am I just crazy?  Do you think there was a mad dash for those cake pops?  Do you think anyone got hurt in the process?

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