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Unfrosted Wedding Cake with Fresh Roses

naked cake

I have to admit, I find the unfrosted – or “naked” – wedding cakes a bit jarring.

I think that’s because I want my cake to be overloaded with frosting. I’m the “corner of the cake” kind of girl because that’s where the highest concentration of frosting hides.

So when I see a wedding cake sans frosting, it makes me wonder “why?”

However, I am always one to give cakes the benefit of the doubt (unless there’s carrot cake involved) so let’s go forth and explore the wonder that is the naked wedding cake.

I really do like the look of this cake.

It’s modern and unfussy and really pretty.

I especially love the bunch of fresh and bright colored roses and peonies that serve as the cake topper. I say you can never go wrong when using fresh flowers on your wedding cake. It’s elegant and pretty. And you can use it as a tie-in with your wedding flowers.

And it looks like there might be frosting in between the layers of this one-tier cake, so that’s good. I also love how the many layers make a small, one-tier cake look much bigger.

This cake is ideal for a smaller wedding and it would be perfect at your shabby-chic outdoor wedding this summer.

This naked cake was created by S’more Sweets and you can also find it here.

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