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Ivory Orchid Cutaway Wedding Cake

Ivory Orchid Cutaway Cake

I wanted to show you this cake specifically because of the shape. The orchids are pretty, and the simple design is flawlessly executed, but what I really love is the shape.

So many brides and cake artists are looking to all kinds of embellishments to set their wedding cake apart, that sometimes we forget something as simple as the shape of the cake can make it unique.  One of my very favorite cakes ever was featured in the cookbook Baking with Julia, and was made by Martha Stewart.  It was such a simple cake really, ivory buttercream, trimmed with marzipan cherries and raspberries.  But what made me love the cake were the harlequin diamond-shaped layers.

And so it is with this cake.  It’s a square cake with the edges cut out.  Now, this could be achieved with a whole set of very expensive cake pans.  Or, it could be achieved with a sharp knife, a steady hand, and an exact eye.  The orchids and ivory buttercream finish the classic look beautifully.

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