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Pink and White Orchid Wedding Cake

pink flower

I have a friend from my childhood who married well. Like…her family went to Hawaii last month and are in Florida this week. Sure, they are both business trips for her husband’s work…but color me jealous because I have to scrimp and save for end tables from Ikea. This is not to say she married for money because she didn’t…she just got super lucky in the rich husband department.

Anyway, while looking through her family photos of their Hawaiian vacation I found myself longing for a glass of pineapple juice and a vase full of hibiscus flowers. Since that won’t work we’ll just post this lovely cake that reminds me of Hawaii. Don’t those gorgeous pink and white orchids remind you of Hawaii? I mean as much as a cake can remind one of Hawaii without it being in the actual shape of the islands and a big sign that says, “Hi!! I am a cake that looks like Hawaii!” I also love the etched diamond pattern in the fondant.

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