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Cake Topper Friday: Bride in the Cake!

bride in the cake cake topper

Disclaimer: This post is in no way encouraging you to go have a feeding tube inserted, my dear, beautiful bride. For you are gorgeous in your bridal blush, no matter what your dress size is.

But this was so crazy cute that I seriously had to show you.  All!

If cake topper bride and grooms had thought processes, don’t you think this fear has crossed their minds?  “Oh no!  You want me to stand WHERE?  On top of a CAKE?  What if I fall OFF?  What if I fall THROUGH?”  And so it happens.  All of that ceramic satin and tulle weighed this little girl down, and down the cake hole she went.

But look at her sweet groom!  Knealing with concern, ready to tunnel through the layers if need be to save his fair damsel.

This really is just darling, right down to the detail of the splintered buttercream.  Really.  Well done.


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