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For the Guys: Klondike Bars As Groom’s Cake

Klondike Bars Grooms Cake

Hahahaha! YES.

Remember all the hullabaloo last year when Wills – sorry, the Duke of Cambridge – wanted his nursery tea favorite as his groom’s cake?  Suddenly, there was a huge clamoring for McVitie’s Biscuit Cake recipes.  (I have yet to make mine.  But I’m soooo gonna.  Someday.)  Well, in the spirit of “groom’s favorite treat as groom’s cake” – I give you…


No seriously.  I love this.  I mean, it’s brilliant in its simplicity (and you know I love simple brilliance) and I bet it perfectly captured the groom’s tastes and personality.

Now, I know several bakers that TOTALLY could’ve made a giant Klondike-Bar-Groom’s-Cake-looking-cake, and it would have been stunning.  But hey…if your guy just wants Klondike Bars, then give him Klondike Bars, you know?  Start the marriage off right 😉

This adorable photo was captured by Jenny Evelyn Photo.


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