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Purple Rosette Wedding Cake

purple wedding cake

I just love this little cake!  It's a study in contrasts and uniformity all at once. The smooth bottom layer and the flamboyant top one – brought together by a monochromatic color scheme.  And while the bottom layer is a regular height, the top is exaggerated.  And don't you love the color of the icing?  Clearly, it's fruit-based, not food-coloring based…love LOVE!

I adore a tiny cake.  It means that the couple had only those nearest and dearest to their hearts for their special day.  And while sometimes, the big blowout wedding with 800 people staring at your surpassing gorgeousness is v v tempting…the thought of a cozy get together embraced and surrounded by love is pretty fabulous, too.

We found this one on Pinterest, but it's the beautiful work of Three Little Blackbirds, whom we just fell in love with a lil bit.

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