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Hawaiian Honeymoon Suitcase Wedding Cake

Hawaiian Honeymoon Wedding Cake

Hola, Everyone! And Happy New Year!

I know we’ve been a little…well…MIA of late.  There was sickness involved.  And perhaps an impromptu in law visit (don’t worry; it was a pleasure.)  And there might be a thing or two besides writing about pretty cakes that I do to bring in the dollars here.

There.  I said it.

But anyway! I’m back!  And I’ll be posting at least three times a week for the foreseeable future, and I and my creative team focus on making 2013 an awesome year for A Wedding Cake Blog and all of our readers!

In the meantime, I share with you a cake that is sure to bring sunshine and smiles to the gloomiest of January mornings.  Made by Gateaux in Minneapolis (LOVE THEM), these kind folks know a thing or two about brightening a winter day, yah?  Yah.

Enjoy, and keep tuning in to see all the Sweet and Pretty we’re sharing with you!



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