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Chocolate Wedding Cake with Geraniums

chocolate wedding cake

Do you ever get in one of those moods when all you can think is “Chocolate! I need chocolate!”?

Well, that's the frame of mind I'm in today which is why I searched high and low for a decadent chocolate wedding cake to share with you.

Will you look at this gorgeous cake?

What I wouldn't give for a slice of that right about now.

This cake is the classic devil's food cake – which is really what you want when you're eating chocolate cake. It is frosted with a sinfully incredible look chocolate frosting. And to make it look absolutely stunning, the cake is decorated with bright red geraniums.

I have to admit that I am loving the color combination – the red is so bright against that chocolate frosting. And the frosting isn't “wedding cake perfect” but instead is rustic and charming. You just cant' stop looking at the cake.

Now this cake might not be ideal for all weddings. If you're having a super formal affair, it's probably not going to work. But if you're doing an informal wedding or a small family affair, this chocolate beauty would be perfect.

And really, who doesn't love chocolate? I found like chocolate bombshell here.

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