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Let Them Eat Pie!


Next week is Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday.

Why do I love Thanksgiving so much? I could say “food” but in truth I love the pies for dessert.

I wait all year for a slice of pecan pie and a slice of pumpkin pie – both topped with crazy amounts of whipped cream.

As much as I love cake, I might love pie more.

Which is why we’re talking about wedding pie today instead of wedding cake.

I absolutely LOVE the idea of a wedding pie table – full of every one of your favorite pies.

My table would include pecan, pumpkin, apple (using my grandma’s recipe), blueberry with wild Michigan blueberries, and cherry. And OK, maybe a chocolate peanut butter pie too.

Think about how much fun it would be to offer your guests pie instead of cake! Of course, you could still have a small cake to cut for the newlyweds. Or you could have a special pie just for the two of you.

The pie possibilities are endless!

You’ll find this non-traditional wedding pie idea here.

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