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This cake is so bright..I gotta wear shades!


Finally..a cake with some color!
I love this cake. Seriously the minute I saw it the voices in my head said “Yes! Finally something with some color!” I love how the bright blue & almost but not quiet neon green just POP out of the picture and make me think of summer and bright colored bathing suits. The bright yellow flowers and blue, green & orange piping just set it over the top. It’s fun, funky and a little bit daring for a wedding…but it works! I have no idea what “pinch, pinch, pinch” means..but I am willing to look over that small part..because..you know..hopefully the bride and groom do.
I think these colors look great together and plopping them atop a traditional round cake makes it just right. Because let’s face it..with such bold colors you can have a fun, carefree cake or you can have a nightmare. Luckily this cake is former. Anyone else dying to see pictures of the bridesmaid dresses from this wedding?
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