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Lemon Lime Wedding Cake


Maybe this only happens to me…but I fall in love with bakers. True story.

I fall in love with them and then every single cake I see just kind of blows my mind and suddenly my palms get all sweaty and I kind of want to marry them (marry them in the way one would want to marry a baker I guess) and then I start sending them embarrassing tweets like “Hi..I love your cakes they are great.” And then I spend the next few hours checking my Twitter to see if they’ve replied back while slapping myself on the forehead and muttering “I love your cakes…they are great…common Christen!”.

The Whipped Bakeshop
happens to be one of those bakeries.

Let me prove it to you by pointing out all the times I’ve mentioned them on this blog..here, here, here, here and my favorite..here. I should probably attend some sort of support group for this.

Let’s go ahead and add this one to this list. As you probably guessed this one is created by The Whipped Bakeshop in Philadelphia, Pa. It’s getting down in temperature here in South Carolina (meaning it’s no longer 100 degrees and I can finally go outside again) so I figured I’d say goodbye to summer with this sweet lemon-lime cake. I love the simplicity of this cake. It’s perfect for a small outdoor summer wedding. It’s frosted in a delicious-looking buttercream frosting, and the base is lined with slices of fresh lemons and limes. Perfect.

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