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Silver Coin Wedding Cake

Silver Coin Cake

We all know that gold continues to be hot! hot! hot! this year.  But no matter how many gold trends come and go, I shall always be a silver girl (or white gold.  Or platinum.  You get my drift.)

This cake caught my eye right away.  Featured at a wedding in Santa Ana, California, what a rich look it has!  I love the geometrical pattern of the coins all over the cake; it’s executed flawlessly…and do NOT think that that happened without a whole lotta work.  The edible coins rest on a palette of buttercream, and the whole thing is quite Read More


Sweet and Simple White Buttercream Cake


Perhaps I can be a bit predictable, but a simple round white cake really gets me excited. Especially when the baker chooses to do just a little tiny something to send the cake over the edge. Just like this one. Sure it looks like a simple white cake with a light cream ribbon around each tier. My favorite part is the textured buttercream frosting. First Read More


Lemon Lime Wedding Cake


Maybe this only happens to me…but I fall in love with bakers. True story.

I fall in love with them and then every single cake I see just kind of blows my mind and suddenly my palms get all sweaty and I kind of want to marry them (marry them in the way one would want to marry a baker I guess) and then I start sending them embarrassing tweets like “Hi..I love your cakes they are great.” And then I spend the next few hours checking my Twitter to see if they’ve replied back while slapping myself on the forehead and muttering Read More


Fondant or Fon-don’t


To fondant or to fon-don’t. That is indeed the question.

I was originally going to call this post Fon-do or Fon-don’t: The Truth about Fondant, but then all I could think about was dipping various things in chocolate…or cheese. Or both. So I switched it. I think it’s much more socially acceptable Read More


Frosted Fruit Wedding Cake

Frosted Fruit Wedding Cake

Let’s take a trip back in time, shall we?  Back to a quaint time, called…the nineties.  Like, the 1990s.

I love Martha Stewart.  Have I mentioned that?  At least, I love her ideas, and how she transformed gracious, beautiful living into something everyone wanted to embrace.  And one of my very favorite ideas that I gleaned from Martha was the use of fruit or flowers to embellish and garnish cakes.

Now, I realize she didn’t invent the practice, but I believe she certainly went a long way Read More


Contrast: Chocolate Scrollwork Wedding Cake

Chocolate Scrollwork Cake

I love a good contrast, don’t you?

Light and dark, old and new, bitter and sweet.  Give me opposites to bring out the beauty Read More


Light and Shadow: The Importance of Good Photography

Sepia Monogram Cake

We make a lot about how a wedding cake looks around here.  For me, even more important is how a cake tastes.  We’ve talked about toppers and trim and table scapes.  But one thing we haven’t talked much about is photography.

This beautiful cake, white on white, with a bookplate-style monogram in a classic style, is beautiful enough to stand alone.  But what really captured my attention was Read More


Strawberry Fields Forever

Luscious Strawberry Cake

Did we mention that we may just live in a state where strawberries are in season while the rest of the country is still shivering?  (Please, don’t hate us.)

But, that would explain to you why I see this cake, and think, “Oh, how perfect for March!” While you see it, and say, “Well, now she’s just torturing us.”

So, let’s call it inspiration for all you brides planning a wedding in the next few months.

This cake makes me think…fresh.  It’s pretty, simple, Read More