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Gray and Pink Cake Trio


Remember just yesterday when I told you that Multiple Cakes was a trend to look for in 2012. Oh, I had this little beauty (beauties) up my sleeve when I wrote that post!

This Cake Trio takes the stacking away from the cake and separates them into three different cakes.  I can’t say if there is any particular reason to do this other than pure aesthetics.  The largest cake is a three tiered cake–however a bit smaller in size than “typical” wedding cakes.  The cake is flanked by two round double height cakes covered in the same gray fondant.  Like I mentioned before the cakes in a trio all follow a similar theme.  For this cake it is the color scheme but for others it could be shape or size.  Gray, pink and white is a color combination I don’t think I am going to tire of anytime soon.

What do you think?  Are you nuts for Cake Trios (or quads, or quintets)?  Or are you more of a “one cake will do” sort of person?

Cake by Erica O’Brien Cakes

Photo by Henry Chen

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  1. I did exactly this for my wedding – we had each cake decorated slightly differently but had three of them with ivy leaves as the common design element. This was back in 2004 – who knew I was so ahead of my time! I’ll have to scan in a pic and send it to you.

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