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Autumn Leaves and Chocolate Swirls Wedding Cake

Autumn Leaves and Chocolate Swirls Wedding Cake

Yes, I’m aware that we both have Spring Fever, and the mention of autumn (and the thought of approaching chilly weather) might make your moan.  Still, I figure that a couple of you reading this blog may actually be planning – or at the very least, dreaming – of an autumn wedding.  And so, it seems fitting, yes?

The gumpaste leaves on this three-tiered, ever-so-slightly off white cake, are the perfect touch of warmth, and the freehand chocolate swirls give a wonderful sense of motion to the whole thing.  Can’t you just picture the leaves swirling in the wind, the late autumn sun glinting off of their faces?  The same motif would be lovely on a cutting cake and cupcakes as well.


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