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Springerle Wedding Cake

Springerle Wedding Cake


I know, I know. I start WAY too many posts this way. I guess it’s an ÜBER good thing that I write a wedding cake blog, eh? 😉 And speaking of über things, how about this gorgeous Springerle Wedding Cake, courtesy of über-fabulous Martha Stewart?

Do you know about springerle? Well (she says in her mom tone), you should. Springerle is normally a shortbread-type cookie, which is made by pressing the dough into a mold, and then baking it. It’s a delightful German tradition that takes way too much time and patience, which is exactly why we need to keep it around.

This cake is decorated with springerle-inspired plaques…but the twist here is that they are made from marzipan (an almond confection similar to almond paste and oh so delicious) rather than shortbread. I can’t decide where to insert my sighs – after springerle or marzipan. It’s a toss up.

This fantastic cake is pure, unadulterated, Old-World charm. And I adore it. And if you do too, then GUESS WHAT!? You can make it with Martha’s recipe and DIY! Please. Go for it. And send me pics. And a slice.


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