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fondant wedding cakes


Pink Marbleized Wedding Cake

Marbleized Pink Cake

It happens.

As you can imagine, I spend a wee bit of time looking at wedding cakes.  (Okay.  A LOT of time.)  And every once in a while, I find one, and save it, and “ooh” and “ahh” over it…but sorta kinda forget to, you know, note where it came from.

Enter this beautiful cake.

I love LOVE this marbleized technique. And whether it’s achieved with fondant or modeling chocolate, I think it’s just so cool.  That’s obviously what I thought when I saw this one, except I must have gotten so excited that I didn’t credit it.

I can’t really make out some of the flowers, but I believe the smaller ones are dogwood blossoms, some of my springtime favorites.  And the simple piped beading is a nice finish.

So please, feel free to let me know if you know who baked this lovely cake, because I just HAD to show it to you.  But I certainly love to give credit where it’s due.  I’d really enjoy seeing more of their work, or hearing the story behind this one.


Tropical Orange and Hot Pink Wedding Cake

Orange Square Wedding Cake

I’m feeling a little tropical-y today, girls.

Isn’t this lovely?  It’s like a sunset, you know?  The structured bands of orange range from palest to deepest with a lovely ombre effect, and the contrasting hot pink posy is, well, perfection.  It makes me Read More


Sky Blue Wedding Cake with Clouds and Roses

blue wedding cake with white roses

I love when I see a cake that I never, ever would have thought of, but when I see it, it’s like….YESSSSS.

Isn’t this just darling?  Barely different sized layers on the bottom – is there a difference in size? – and the slight diameter difference continues up the cake.  The on-purposeness of it is just enchanting.  It’s like the baker said, Read More


Love Birds and Succulents Wedding Cake


Oh, but the summer vibe just keeps on getting summerier.  That’s a word, right?

So, today’s cake isn’t so much about the cake itself – don’t be hatin’ on me ’cause it came from Publix Supermarket – but it is about the beautiful way that the bride and groom decided to dress it up with so many darling details.

The cake is the perfect blank slate: white fondant with big, exaggerated, pearl trim.  But what really caught my eye were the succulents trimming the cake (LOVE THEM), as well as the adorable – I mean, CRAZY adorable! – lovebirds nesting on top.  The final touch is the Read More


Pink Wedding Cake with White Trim

Pink Wedding Cake

Pretty, pretty, pretty.  And dare I say – without being fired upon where I stand – ladylike?

This breathtakingly beautiful pink wedding cake with white trim makes me think of Easter dresses, and ladies who lunch, and kelly bags, and spectator pumps, and white gloves and hats, and every sweet, fun thing that there ever was about being a girl.  Really.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a strand of pearls secreted about it somewhere.

Created by Jean-Paul’s Creative Cakes in (of course!) Charleston, South Carolina, pale pink fondant hides Read More


Teal Swarovski Crystals and Flowers Wedding Cake

Beautiful Cake by The Pastry Studio...Who Happened to Bake My Cake, Too!

Sometimes you just need a bit of flair to bring a cake to perfection. Perhaps some feathers or a touch of pink or you can add fabulous teal Swarovski crystals.

Today’s cake is by the lovely and talented team at The Pastry Studio in Daytona Beach, Florida. If you haven’t seen any of their cakes then check out this Retro Bubble Cake, or this incredible Nutcracker-Inspired Cake.

The intricate detailing on this cake if perfection! The hand made sugar-paste flowers and the beautiful scrolling are gorgeous. And I love how they added a little bling in the form of teal Swarovski crystals. It’s a much lighter touch than all of the rhinestone trim that we saw last year, and frankly, I love it!  It adds a little pop of color that complements the all white perfectly, and it’s a luxurious look without going overboard.


Springerle Wedding Cake

Springerle Wedding Cake


I know, I know. I start WAY too many posts this way. I guess it’s an ÜBER good thing that I write a wedding cake blog, eh? 😉 And speaking of über things, how about this gorgeous Springerle Wedding Cake, courtesy of über-fabulous Martha Stewart?

Do you know about springerle? Well (she says in her mom tone), you should. Springerle is normally a shortbread-type cookie, which is made by pressing the dough into a mold, and then baking it. It’s a Read More


Teacup Wedding Cake

Teacup Wedding Cake

Darlings…we have a new entry in the quest for Brooke’s cake heart.

I am a passionate follower of afternoon tea, and I love anything to do with tea time and its rituals.  So when Marianne Kuhn of Dazzlelicious Cakes in Plymouth, England, introduced herself to me on Facebook recently, and I was so glad she did!  Because I instantly fell in love with her cakes, and this one currently has the top place with me. From Marianne, I learned some delightful details about the cake.  The couple wanted only a small cake, but loved Marianne’s flavors so much that they ended up asking for four tiers!  They wanted to incorporate Read More


Cameo Wedding Cake with Fondant Pearls and Lace

Cameo Wedding Cake

Some cakes are just so gorgeous they take your breath away. For me this is one of those cakes.

I love love love the way Kara Buntin, of A Cake to Remember used a different design on each tier…it emphasizes the vintage feel of the cake.  The lace on the bottom tier was made from a fondant press. And Read More


DIY Fondant Roses Wedding Cake

Fondant Roses Wedding Cake

Hey y’all!

I featured a link to this beautiful cake a few weeks back in my Let Them Eat Cake Sunday Round-Up. But I loved it so much that I reached out to the Wedding Chicks girls and asked if we could show it off in its own post.

Roses are just so pretty, and never, ever go out of style. And there’s not an ugly one out there, you know? Every color, every variety. They’re so pretty, and ladylike, and classic. They’re old-fashioned, and yet they never go out of style.

I also love that there are so many ways that you can interpret a rose for a cake. You can, of course, use Read More