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Gold Sequined Wedding Cake

Gold wedding cake

Does anything glitter quite like gold?

This cake is, in a nutshell, drop-dead gorgeous.  It’s so luxurious, and just completely fantastic. For possibly the first time, I am saying this silly sentence: it’s too pretty to cut.

It’s not often that I’m completely captivated by a cake, but the artist who created this one is an incredible talent. I’m not even a huge gold fan. But this cake is perfect.

Think about it. Gold is so lush by itself, so rather than going for fancy, multi-petaled flowers, they keep it simple with a simple folk-art design. And rather than gobs of gold-tinged icing, there are hundreds (thousands?) of beautiful, shimmery sequins.

It takes a deft touch to neither over- nor under-do it. This cake displays that perfect balance.


The Cake Art Studio created this wondrous confection. And my world is a little prettier today for it.


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