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White Wedding Cake with Green Mums

White wedding cake with green mums

Ah, the elusive…green flower.

The what? Yes. The green flower. Rare, and a little strange, but always beautiful.

You can find green-hued flowers in varieties such as geraniums and orchids.  But wait, this isn’t a botany blog, is it?

I love this cake.  My love of white on white cakes was discussed last month here and here.  And today, I find another example of a white on white cake, with just a little punch of unexpected color, via green flowers.  The simple mums encircle the base of the top tier of this three-layered beauty, providing a jolt of fresh color – a perfect contrast with the earth tones of sky, rock, mountain, and evergreen that serve as a backdrop to this gorgeous, Whistler wedding (and really…don’t you just love saying Whistler wedding?)

Beyond the simplicity of the green mums, there are also the simplest of complimentary blooms – a white rose, a white daisy, and a sprig of something in the same verdant green as the mums.  The buttercream-enrobed cake is simply decorated with white on white piping, with a different motif for each layer.

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