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Touch of Pink Wedding Cake

Touch of Pink Wedding cake

So confession time…I love pink! (Actually, I think I already confessed that. And is that confession-worthy? Whatevs.) The love affair started sometime during high school (I was way too much of a tomboy before that to be on board the pink train) and it has continued to this day. I may have a different staple color in my wardrobe this season and my room may no longer be the pink and brown it was in college, but I still adore all things pink.

When I spotted this cake, I fell in love. I love its dimensions and the layered look of the tiers. The burst of pink that comes from the flower and the simple, elegant silver cake stand are noteworthy, too. I mean, it really is just a beautiful, blissful cake. And this beauty is the brainchild of Frosted Pumpkin Gourmet (Atlanta and Metropolitan NY).


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