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Pink wedding cake


Two-tier Vintage Pink Wedding Cake

vintage pink cake

I love the idea of small-ish wedding cakes that pack a lot of punch – cakes just like today’s featured cake.

This two-tier vintage-inspired wedding cake would be perfect for a smaller wedding or if you’re planning a dessert table at your reception.

I’m loving the pink icing on this cake and the addition of floral lace-inspired designs gives the cake a gorgeous retro look. Read More


Pink and Pearl Wedding Cake

pink pearl cake

I love the idea of pink wedding cakes – especially in the springtime!

There are so many variations of the color pink – and so many ways to make the color pop on your cake. Read More


Pink Beach Themed Cake


As we slog through this cold winter month of January it’s always good to think about warmer climates.

Like, a tropical beach.

And today’s beach-themed cake is the perfect wedding cake to get us in a tropical beach kind of mood!

The bright colors of the pink ombre cake give the cake the perfect spring or summer vibe. Read More


Pink Cameo Wedding Cake

cameo wedding cake

I guess I’m feeling fancy this week because I have found yet another incredibly elegant cake for you.

I used to think that I was all about tradition when it came to wedding cakes – white cakes were it. But I have to say I’m really becoming a fan of wedding cakes with color, and this pink cake with cameos is one of my new favorites. Read More


Pink Peony Wedding Cake

pink peony wedding cake

So I’m reading my email this morning, and looking at various websites, and suddenly I discover that I totally missed THE wedding that had been on my radar lately (No…not Brangelina. ┬áThe other one.)

It seems that Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake slipped off to Read More


Touch of Pink Wedding Cake

Touch of Pink Wedding cake

So confession time…I love pink! (Actually, I think I already confessed that. And is that confession-worthy? Whatevs.) The love affair started sometime during high school (I was way too much of a tomboy before that to be on board the pink train) and it has continued to this day. I may have a different staple color in my wardrobe this season and my room may no longer be the pink and brown it was in college, but I still adore all things pink.

When I spotted this cake, I fell in love. I love its dimensions and the layered look of the tiers. The burst of Read More