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scrabble wedding cakes


Scrabble Cake Redux


We’ve featured a Scrabble themed cake here before.  However, that cake was a literal representation of the game…representing the board and all.  This one is a little more subjective.  If you’ve been pinning away on Pinterest you have probably seen a high variety of Scrabble-themed stuff.  And stuff was literally the only word that could encompass the Scrabble-mania that has rocked the pinning world.  Scrabble art, Scrabble cookies, Scrabble blankets…it’s amazing what you can do with those tiny letters.  I mean honestly…someone HAS to do something Read More


I’d rather sit home and play Scrabble.


When I was a little girl I had a best friend named Maya. She was one of those people you knew was intimidatingly intelligent just by looking at them..when she was nine. Even though she was the editor of the yearbook and the star of the school play our high school principal once had the wherewithal to tell her she wasn’t Read More