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Royal Icing Monogram Wedding Cake

Royal Icing Monogram

I am shopping for monogrammed stationery; ergo, I am naming this Monogrammed Wedding Cake Week. I know…it's already Wednesday. But there's time to catch up.

I absolutely adore this idea, especially for a small wedding. But even if your gathering is large-ish, what a beautiful cake! And so much prettier than a Read More


Wedding Cake DIY: Gerbera Daisies on Separated Tiers

Gerbera Daisy Cake

This cake reminded me so much of my friend Christen that I just had to share it with you.

Christen used to contribute regularly to A Wedding Cake Blog, and I know that she still loves to keep up with all the Sweet and Pretty that we feature here. And this cake actually reminds me of her for two reasons: Read More


Succulent and Bramble Wedding Cake

Succulent and Bramble Wedding Cake

I'm feeling all minimalist-y this morning, y'all.

I didn't think I was. I thought I was feeling all spring-in-bloom-y. But then I spied this beautiful cake, and I realized I was wrong.

Just like the beauty of the Read More


Lemon Icebox Wedding Cake

Lemon Icebox Wedding Cake

I am in love with lemon right now.

I mean, to be honest, the passion is always just smoldering just below the surface. But right now, it's about to erupt to the top and take over every dessert opportunity that my family has. And this cake is Read More


Gerbera Daisy Wedding Cake

gerbera daisy wedding cake

I'm all about rushing the seasons.  But you knew this.

Since today is March 1, clearly it's time for a post all about spring-into-summer, yes?

And what says spring-into-summer better than fresh strawberries and big, boldly colored gerbera daisies?  Right. Nothing.

What a sweet little Read More