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Mini Cakes

Mini Cakes

Last week I was at a wedding shower for an awesome co-worker of mine. I am on the party planning committee and it was a gorgeous party if I do say so myself. While we were chowing down on some delicious Publix cake the bride-to-be was telling us all about her wedding cake to-be. After a long deliberation between cupcakes or fancy cake she decided Read More


Orchid Wedding Cake


I have searched high and low for a gorgeous purple wedding cake. Until today my search had been unsuccessful. Then I stumbled upon this gorgeous Orchid inspired Lilac Wedding Cake. The cake is a three tiered circle cake with a gorgeous lilac fondant layer. A cute orchid design layers the the three tiers. Read More


Peacock Blue Cake

teal cake

I love the color Peacock Blue. I was about ten seconds away from putting my bridesmaids in head to toe Peacock until my senses got the better of me and I realized I wanted to keep these girls as friends. I mean really is Peacock that bad? You wouldn’t believe the glares I got from some of them.

Well ladies..bam! Because here is a gorgeous Peacock Blue wedding cake Read More


Disney Princess and Castle Cake

cake boss

I have to admit that having a full time job, a full time toddler, a husband, a dog, cat and an obsession to blog about cake doesn’t give me much free time to sit down and watch television. Except today I found a spare twenty minutes and I was thrilled to sit down in my big chair and do nothing but watch television. My problem…no remote. Oh well, there was NO way I was moving. Luckily it was stuck on TLC and Read More


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for March 27, 2011

Butterfly cake

I’ve just returned from a week of traveling, of visiting with friends and enjoying special meals, good company, and lots of laughter.  But today, I’m happy to wake up in my own sunny home, and to bring you the best and brightest of what we’ve seen this week.  So without further ado, here’s the round-up for March 27.  But first, the news:

Prince William and Kate Middleton have selected their cake design – Read More


Light and Shadow: The Importance of Good Photography

Sepia Monogram Cake

We make a lot about how a wedding cake looks around here.  For me, even more important is how a cake tastes.  We’ve talked about toppers and trim and table scapes.  But one thing we haven’t talked much about is photography.

This beautiful cake, white on white, with a bookplate-style monogram in a classic style, is beautiful enough to stand alone.  But what really captured my attention was Read More


Aloha ‘Oe!

Hula Toppers

Alhoa and Happy Friday..or Mele kalikmaka. Wait, that means Merry Christmas. Nevermind.

Anyway, these adorable hula inspired cake toppers made my day. The white porcelain toppers include a hula girl shaking her hips complete with a Hawaiian Hibisucs in her hair. There is a whole tradition about Read More


Tall, Pink & Yummy.

Pretty Pretty

This cake reminds me of something that just happened to me recently. A group of my friends from college (who are mostly all single and without kids) all decided to meet up for dinner one night a few months ago. I hadn’t seen most of the girls in ages. I bought a new outfit, washed my hair (a pretty miraculous feat for a working mom) and felt pretty good about myself. Until I showed up and my post-baby body couldn’t even compare to the highlights, Coach Bags and skinny jeans that these girls donned. And they all seemed to be about 6 feet tall. That’s what this cake is. A 6 foot tall blond with highlights and all the right accessories that just makes other cakes feel frumpy in comparison.
I mean really this cake might just be six feet tall. I don’t have my measuring tape handy.

Anyway, this is a gorgeous FIVE tier round wedding cake..there must have been 500 people at this wedding! Decorated in a lovely beige fondant with a gorgeous swirl design covering the cake are a mixture of pretty pink flowers.

If cake’s had a popularity contest this cake would win..and steal your boyfriend.

Photo Source


In honor of Spring..

gerber daisy

Since two days ago we run in the official start of Spring (do you hear that weather gods..warm UP already)..today I am going to feature a Springtime cake in honor of all those weddings that are just around the corner. Seriously, I have three coming up in the next month and I think every one of my Facebook friends is either expecting a baby or getting married this Spring and Summer. I am going to be busy!
This cake is a simple three tiered square cake with a coral fondant ribbon at the base of each tier. The beauty in this cake is the yellow orange and pink gerber daisies that are perfect for a Spring wedding.

Photo Source


Pirate Themed Wedding Cupcakes

Pirate Cupckaes

Argh! Shiver me timbers because these cupcakes rock my face off.
Oh yes. Let’s see how many Pirate cliche’s I can use here.

This wedding cupcake ensemble is a combination of lemon cupcakes with lime butter cream, espresso cupcakes with vanilla butter cream and gluten free & dairy free chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate ganche. (If I am remembering correctly this is our first gluten free cake post..woot woot!) All of the cupcakes are topped with gold sprinkles and skull and cross-bone flags. However, the kicker for me is the Read More

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