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Halloween Cakes


Halloween is my second favorite holiday of the year.  It’s a close second to Christmas…but that’s not really a fair comparison though.  I mean Christmas lasts from November 1st to January 1st…basically.  Halloween gets a good solid week of celebration but it’s such a FUN celebration.  One day (or two or three if you happen to be extremely popular and get invited to multiple parties) a year you get to abandon yourself and pretend to be someone (or something) else for just a little while.  Did you know that Halloween weddings are actually more popular than Christmas weddings?  It’s true.  I looked it up in this big book I have in my living room Read More


Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for October 30, 2011

Publix Cake

I’m sorry. Did you say there is snow on your jack o’ lantern?  Sounds like I got back from my picturesque jaunt up north just in time.

I jest, though.  Truth is, I’d love to see some of the white stuff, and introduce my kiddoes to it as well.  True Florida babies, they’ve never seen snow outside of pictures.  But, well, it’s just so darn early.  I hope, for the sake of my dear friends who are brushing and scraping their windshields, that the October snow isn’t a harbinger of a particularly Read More


Pinwheel Wedding Cake


Oh, how I love navy and yellow! 

And pinwheels on top of that?  YES!

This adorable wedding, featuring lots of my two favorite colors, used in super-creative ways, was the brainchild of Be Inspired PR, and was featured on Wedding Chicks.  The beautiful, white, fondant-covered cake is decorated at the base with buttercream dots.  But the real focal point is the cascade of yellow and blue pinwheels that trim the side. 

This lovely cake was made by Patti Cakes Read More


Cake Topper Friday: Mission Impossible Wedding Cake Topper

Mission Impossible

Well.  We’ve almost been around this corner of the interwebs for almost a year…it’s about time I posted a picture of a cake topper with guns don’t you think?

Why not?  I’m not an action flick kind of girl.  However, I can get down with an appreciation for a genre.  Especially when there is a story involved.  Apparently the bride and groom whom this cake topper belonged to planned and executed their wedding within 5 months.  Thereby making it their Mission: Possible.  That’s pretty hardcore considering Read More


Blue and Yellow Cake

blue and yellow

I love fresh color combinations and this blue and yellow is one of them.

Blue and yellow is a combo that can go drastically wrong though.  At times if the blue is too dark or the yellow is too gold it can come off a bit “sports fan”. Unless, you are specifically having those colors at your wedding because you are indeed the worlds biggest fan of whatever team you love..well then.  True story, I once went to a wedding of a friend who was such a big Clemson fan that she had her wedding in purple and orange.  We don’t have much here in South Carolina but we love our college football.

Back to blue and yellow..particularly this blue and yellow.  I love.  The blue is just light enough and the yellow is bright and sunshiny.  It makes me thing of Spring.  I love the yellow roses too.  I know they traditionally mean friendship..but who cares..they are so fun!  What do you think?  Do you love blue and yellow?  Do you know someone who had a sports team themed wedding?  Was it well done or over the top tacky?


Baseball Grooms Cake


I will admit that I have no idea who is in the World Series.  I am aware that it is happening because it’s on my television every night and has pushed my beloved Glee! and The New Girl back to November 1st..but I digress.  Not a sports girl.  I am so not a sports girl I actually had to ask my husband if the “baseball one was called the World Series or the Super Bowl”.  That’s how awesome I am.

However, if you put sports into edible cake..I’m all about it!  Just like this grooms cake which is a bat and ball combo.  I don’t know the back story on this couple or this cake or anything–but doesn’t it look like it’s a guitar as well?  I am not a music girl.  In fact I am about 75 times more a sport girl than an instrument girl..so who knows really.  I could get all technical here and tell you how I think the bat looks like the “stringy thingys” and how that “little black thingy at the bottom looks like the thing on the Guitar Hero guitars that makes you get more points”.  Jealous of my guitar knowledge?

What do you think?  Is this a baseball/guitar cake or am I just crazy?

Photo Source


Strawberry Cake


Summer is gone and Fall is here.  Personally, I adore every single second of Fall.  I think it’s the only season of the year I don’t get sick of.  I am dying for summer and beach trips in April but by July I am sweating my baguettes off and ready for it to be over.  In November I am anticipating the crisp weather and Christmas ambiance, but by the time January rolls around I am ready for green grass and capri pants.  I’m fickle.  What can I say.

The one thing I do miss about Spring & Summer year round is the strawberries.  Oh yes.  I am a strawberry girl.  I could get them any day on anything.  By themselves? Done.  In a salad? Yum.  Covered in chocolate? Yes! Please!  Now!

On a cake? Yes.  Mixed with buttercream?  Oh my.  I can’t help myself.  Which is why this strawberry iced cake caught my eye.  It apparently caught the eye of some teeny tiny wedding guest who couldn’t resist putting their fingers in that icing.  I’m with ya’ kid.  I wouldn’t be able to control myself either.

Photo Source


Cupcake Dress

cupcake dress

So don’t you remember that time that you got all gussied up and went out and wore a 600 pound dress made of cake?  Oh you don’t.

Me either.  But Melissa of Cupcakes OMG! does..in fact she did it not too long ago.

The cake was made by Katelyn Selin, Kait Ingram and Sandrea Park Welch at the Taste of Charleston’s Iron Chef’s Competition.  They used forty vanilla and red-velvet sheet cakes and 190 pounds of buttercream.  Oh my.  Who got to lick that bowl?

The fact that this was in Charleston, which is about an hour and a half from my house, makes me sad I missed this.  How often to do get to see a life size cupcake with a human in it?  Never.  That’s how often.  If you have..well then I think I need to hang out with you more often.  Send me an e-mail.  I’ll send you my phone number and we’ll text and become BFF’s.

You can check out Melissa’s entire blog post with tons and tons of pictures here.  And yup, she got to eat her dress.  Boom.

Photography by Michelle Marie Photography


Destination Wedding: The Greenbrier

Greenbrier Wedding Cake

Thinking about a destination wedding?  Have you ever thought about…West Virginia?

No.  Wait.  Listen.

I’m from West Virginia.  And if you’ve never been to the Mountain State, then you don’t know what you’re missing.

There are some truly amazingly beautiful venues and sites all over the state, from Wheeling in the north, to the Blennerhassett Hotel in Read More


Miniature 3D Wedding Cake

3D Cake

What do you do when you’re having a small wedding, or if you’re eloping?  Do you forego the cake altogether?  Well, you don’t have to.

I thought this cake was adorable at first glance.  I think my favorite thing about it is the “mixed media.”  The artist paints a floral motif, but then pipes some stems in a matching green for emphasis.  She paints flowers, but then affixes fondant flowers as well.  The combination of the painting and the piping and fondant work Read More

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