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Cake Topper Friday: Gumpaste Bride and Groom


It always amazes me what cake artists can do with a little gumpaste.  Seriously.  Have you ever seen that stuff before it’s carved and molded into something like this?  It’s not exactly the easiest substance to work with.  How it goes from a lump of white stuff to this I’ll never know.  I guess that’s why I just write about cakes instead of making them.

But go ahead and check out the new Mr. & Mrs. on top of this gorgeous pink cake.  The bride and groom are carved to cartoonish perfection – perfect to add a little bit of fun to the top of your wedding cake.  I also love the cake that they sit on Read More


Purple and Gold Wedding Cake


There is a small college in my town and their colors are purple and gold.  Every Saturday during football season I see cars and people covered head to toe in purple and gold.  This cake is for them…and anyone else who likes purple and gold.

I love, love, love the deep purple almost eggplant-y flowers.  A few years ago my best friend, who loves purple, was getting married and I desperately tried to convince her to let us wear eggplant-colored dresses.  This may have been selfish because I was going to be eight months pregnant at the time of her wedding and wanted a slimming color.  For some reason Read More


Big Huge Harrod’s Cake


Oh hi, guess what?  It’s our 300th post!  No big deal right?

Big deal to me!  Granted I know I haven’t written all 300 of them myself…we’ve got to give a big shout out to Brooke who takes the weekend shift and creates a great round up…(not to mention fixing all of my grammatical errors)…but to me it’s still a pretty big deal.  Basically because I never got past January 13th in my diaries that I swore I’d write in every day on December 31st.

Much like the fact that this is our 300th post, this cake is a BIG deal.  I mean literally.  Check it out.  It’s HUGE.  It’s a five-tier Read More


Winter Themed Cake


Okay, here are two things that I am painfully aware of.

1. It is not in any way shape or form winter.

2. I know that this cake is not exactly a wedding cake..but a Nutcracker-themed cake made in celebration of a production of The Nutcracker.

Yet, here I sit, ready to get my Nutcracker on in the middle of September.  Oh well.  Because I adore this-six tiered creation that pays homage to all things Snowflake, Gum Drop, Sugar Plum and oh yes, I believe those are little tiny purple mice.  True story, I was in The Nutcracker in the fourth Read More


Ganache…the Other Cake Icing.


I had so many giggle-inducing puns that I wanted to use as a title that I just couldn’t decide.  Here are just a few:

  • Get Your Ganache On
  • Oh Ganache…it’s Chocolate!
  • Getcha, Getcha Ga-ga–naache (to be sung in your head to the tune of Lady Read More

Let Them Eat Cake: Sunday Round-Up for September 25, 2011

White and Yellow Cake

Fall is finally here!

Oh, sure, it was still 91 degrees today.  But the light is different.  And it actually feels, like, permissible to watch football. 

So as the pumpkins and fall colors – and Halloween decorations? – start to make a little more sense, I just wish the mercury would drop.  Just a leeetle.  And incidentally, let me run off on a Christen-like tangent, because something was bothering me today, as I was shopping at the local Fresh Market.  And that would be Peeps, People.  Jack o’ Lantern Peeps.  Is this just wrong to anyone else?  I mean, don’t Peeps lose all their special Peep-i-ness when Read More


Scroll Pattern White Wedding Cake

Scroll pattern white wedding cake

Today, we show another installment in the “all white done right” category.

Jenniffer from Cupadee Cakes consistently turns out beautiful cakes.  This one is no exception.  Four tiers of white buttercream.  Three of the tiers feature a wide piped border, reminiscent in detail of exquisite crown moulding.  Different components make up the border, a combination of fleur-de-lis-like swirls and dots.  On the third layer, Jenniffer fashioned a bow and anchored it with a brooch, both made of gumpaste.  The cake is simple and elegant, Read More


The Office Cake


I know it’s Cake Topper Friday but I had to post this particular cake in honor of last nights The Office premiere on NBC. The Office is my favorite show and I have been anticipating this premiere since May. What can I say, I have issues.

Even though he’s living in Boulder with Holly I am pretty sure that Michael Scott would approve of these gigantic “World’s Best Boss” coffee cup cake. Question. Where did Michael Scott buy his “World’s Best Boss” Mug? Answer. Spencer Gifts. I also love the calendar next to the mug. If you were a true Office-a-holic you can have this at your wedding and have the date be the date of your wedding. That’s all kinds of adorable. I’ve seen Harry Potter and Twilight themed weddings before..but never an Office themed wedding. Hm…anyone care to try this theme out for me and send me picture? Or, is the last thing you want to be reminded of on your wedding day be a day at the office? Perhaps I’ll just have to wait for my next wedding to figure this one out. Just kidding Dave.

What did you think of the premiere? Do you love or hate the James Spader addition to the cast? Personally, I love him. He’s all slick and creepy like. That’s what she said.

You know I had to do it.

Photo Credit: Debbie Goard


Au Revoir, Summer: Brightly-Colored Floral Cake

Bright floral fondant cake

It’s September 22nd..and guess what? I’m done with you summer. I’m done with the heat, the miserable heat. Although, I must add I will take the vacation back though. Anyway, as my goodbye to summer I thought I’d share this cute little summer cake in order to make room for all the fall I am going to be throwing in your Read More


Stacked White Cake with Fruit


I LOVE this cake. I know that I say that a lot but I mean it this time. All the other times I lie. Just kidding.

This cake is adorable. It’s a three-tiered square cake, and the layers are stacked with fruit. Yummy fruit. Drenched in chocolate and powdered sugar. Fruit is always Read More

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