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White Chocolate Panel and Golden Raspberry Square Wedding Cake

white chocolate and golden raspberry wedding cake

This cake is an amazing architectural masterpiece – four tiers of cake surrounded by white chocolate panels and topped with golden raspberries. And the biggest surprise is that this cake can be a DIY project!

The cake can be purchased frosted but undecorated from your local bakery (or if you're really ambitious, you could make the cake). The chocolate panels can be ordered from Read More


St. Germain Elderflower Wedding Cake

Elderflower Wedding Cake

How absolutely gorgeous is this cake? I want to be a guest at that wedding, if only to get a taste of this summertime stunner.

The cake is a three-tiered vanilla cake, which sounds delicious enough. But wait, there's more! The cake layers are soaked in St. Germain elderflower liqueur, which is apparently all the rage these days. And then, the cake is filled with strawberries and lemon.

And the simple decorations featuring Read More


White Wedding Cake with Coral Flower

Coral Wedding Cake

There's a new trend right now with wedding cake design – super flowers. No, these flowers can't leap over buildings in a single bound, they are just really big flowers on your wedding cake. It's certainly an eye-catcher, don't you think?

I have to say, I do love this Read More


Red, White, and Blue Wedding Ice Cream Sandwiches

Wedding Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ah summer…it's almost here and that means summer weddings! And what's more fun to eat in the summer than ice cream? Which got me thinking – what about ice cream sandwiches at a wedding?

Look at Read More


Buttons and Quilting Light Blue and Raspberry Wedding Cake

Button and Quilting Wedding Cake

Raspberry and blue – it's one of those happy color combinations. It's bright and springy and this cake showcases the perfection of these two colors.

I am loving the Read More


Creative Wedding Cake Favors: A Candy Bar

Candy Bar

Everyone loves candy, right? My sweet tooth always wins in a battle of willpower. Which is why I absolutely LOVE the idea of a candy bar for wedding guests.

No. Not just one single candy bar. I'm talking about a bar full of candy.

Think about all the sweet options – Read More


White Wedding Cake with Succulents and Teal Trim

White Wedding Cake with Succulents

There is an easy beauty to this cake – it makes me think of an outdoor late spring or early summer wedding, maybe at a botanical garden, surrounded by bright colorful flowers. This cake would look amazing in a setting like that.

I am loving the simple frosting and the Read More


Let’s Celebrate! Wedding Cake

Festive and Fun Wedding Cake Publix

Since it seems like Mother Nature finally has her act together and has allowed spring to stay for a while, what better way to celebrate a wedding than this stunner of a cake?  I feel all springy just looking at it.

Why do I love this cake? Let me count the ways. First, Read More


Cake Topper Friday: Lego Bride and Groom Kit

Lego Bride and Groom

This could possibly be the most hilarious (and fun) wedding cake topper.


Not only will it look adorable on top of the cake – and give guests a great laugh – but as an added bonus, you and the groom-t0-be get to put it together. All 24 pieces of it. And, just in case you aren't a brunette, the Lego bride also comes with blonde and black hair. The bride also comes with a veil and a Lego flower bouquet. Personally, I love that the little Lego groom is holding what appears to be a glass of champagne!

So what do you think? Would you put a Lego cake topper on top of your cake?